Career Advice Services: A Guide to Career Selection

Many of my friends think the software field is an attractive career with lots of onsite opportunities, again huge paychecks, and state of the art buildings. I know many of you are in confusion and have a difficult time deciding how to pick the right profession or career.

I too was in great confusion when I was just out of career coaching services and many areas caught my attention. It's difficult not to get carried away in this process. Here's what I did to select the job. If you are looking for various career coaching packages visit

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1. See the Match

First of all, look inside and see what you value, what your beliefs and goals are, and then look for the jobs that satisfy these things. Make a list of important things in your mind. Remember, finding the job is a two-way process. The company is looking for the right candidate and you too are looking for the perfect job. 

2. Decide What's Important to You in a Job

Once you make a list of important things in the job see how this fits with your life, family, hobbies, and your mindset. You are going to spend one-third the time of your life doing the work, so why not spend some time deciding what's important to you. 

Ask the question- "What's important to me in a job" 10 times and you will be surprised what you get after this exercise. You will be clearer with your values, beliefs, family, and hobbies and will be able to select the perfect job for you.

3. Career or Job

Decide first whether you are looking for a job or a career. What's the difference? If you have a short term need or goal, then probably you are looking for a job to meet your needs and short term goal. But if this job is going to be a part of your long term career plan, then you need to take your time and decide whether the job takes you to your final goal.