Blinds For Your Bathroom

When considering blinds in any area of your home, it is important to be aware of the function of the room to select the best blind option. A bathroom is much the same in that you need to consider that the room will be exposed to a lot of moisture and, without proper consideration and aftercare, blinds will go mouldy and need to be changed out often. Let's explore why you should even consider blinds in your bathroom, what options are available to you, and why they would be of benefit. 

Why Have Them?

Blinds in the bathroom can add a bit of style and personal touch to an otherwise bland space. In obtaining a blinds quote and getting them custom made, you can easily select a colour, pattern or finish that suits the type of blind you are getting as well as your personal decorating preferences. 

What Options are There?

Given that bathrooms are a highly humid environment as well as the risk of water splashing onto the blinds, a cautious approach is advised in selecting blinds. The best ones to consider would be ones that are not fabric but instead a PVC blend, or even wood or aluminium. With that in mind, Venetian blinds come in both wood and aluminium, both of which cannot be customised as much as fabric alternatives. Another option would be plantation shutters, which can be applied both internally or externally on the window. 

What are the Benefits of Bathroom Blinds? 


Unless your bathroom window is made of textured or frosted glass, you will be lacking privacy in a room that demands it. As such blinds can offer a huge level of privacy. 

Light Control

Bathrooms with windows tend to be very bright rooms and, as such, if you want to have that romantic bath with a significant other, or perhaps just a relaxing bath with some candles on your own, you need to have the option of reducing the light in the room. Blinds will help you achieve this. 

Added Value

When installing blinds, particularly those of a high-quality finish, you are adding value to your home.

Heat Control

Depending on the side of the house that the bathroom is placed on, this room can become quite hot. Blinds provide a great source of window insulation and can reduce the amount of heat, providing a more comfortable environment. 


As you can see, there are several benefits associated with installing high-quality blinds in your bathroom. These benefits include heat control, increased value, light control, and privacy. We also explored the reason why fabric blinds are possibly a poor choice in a bathroom setting but provided a suitable alternative that will meet your needs and not need to be replaced prematurely. And lastly, we discussed that blinds in the bathroom are a positive choice, further contributing to the comfort and style of the home whilst allowing you to add your flair to an otherwise largely un-customisable room.