Best Flooring Choices For Your Screened Patio

The projected patios offer a convenient way to enjoy the elements without the temporary trouble of Mother Nature. You can spend an entertaining evening on your planned patio without worrying about sunlight, bugs, or rain. 

To optimize your patio experience, it is important to carefully build the area and choose the right items – especially the balcony flooring (which is also called ‘ Balkon Boden ’ in German). 

Make sure you choose floor coverings that will carry well over time and will be easy to maintain. 

1. Tile

The tile floor is available in many styles, such as authentic ceramic tiles or vinyl alternatives. Many people choose tiles because it is easy to install and maintain. It wears in the items, even if you will need to pay attention to slippery tiles if the rain is inside. 

In addition, the tile maintains a fresh temperature even during the summer. While some floor options will be extremely hot during the hottest months, the tile remains relatively cool and maybe more pleasant to cross. 

2. Indoor/outdoor mat

The carpet may not seem like a viable option for a filtered patio, but there are many interior / exterior carpets available. They are thicker than traditional carpets because it is important that they can easily resist moisture. 

Do not use regular mats because they will quickly develop the mold or mold. Carpets suitable for outdoor use, however, are both robust and comfortable. 

3. Wood

Many people enjoy wood floor for their projected patios because it offers a natural look that complements the outdoor surroundings. You can also use a wood floor to imitate the appearance of a bridge. 

If you are considering any type of wood floor, it is important to make sure you choose one of the many flooring options especially designed for outdoor use.