A Guide To Heavy-Duty Garage Storage Solutions

If you use your garage as a workshop or somewhere to practice your weekend hobby, you may find yourself in need of some quality storage. 

Even if you only use this part of your property to store gardening equipment, household items, grains, or memorabilia, you'll still want to make sure it remains organized so that your belongings are protected. You can buy various varieties of storage bins such as grain storage bins via https://www.triplejgrain.com/product/grain-storage/.

Shelving units are a great way to store just about anything – from files to pallets and everything in between. Some units will come complete with archive boxes, bins, or trays so that you can neatly organize your belongings, whereas others will give you the option to purchase these separately or use your own existing containers.

Heavy-duty units are generally recommended for bulk storage, wide loads, and weighty cartons, but they can also be used to house domestic items, documents, files, and lightboxes effectively and safely.

Many people opt for heavy-duty over medium or light duty units due to the peace of mind they bring. With a maximum capacity of 800kg per shelf, you know that by investing in this kind of shelving, you won't accidentally over-stock your unit and cause it to collapse or break.

Heavy-duty shelving is incredibly strong, but even so, you will need to find out the maximum capacity of your unit so that you don't overload it. You should be able to assemble the unit easily using a soft head hammer, and the frames and beams should simply clip together.